About Us


We provide consulting and software development services to help you differentiate in the NDC ecosystem.


At, we help our clients deliver a compelling commercial strategy around NDC, preparing them for the construction and ingestion of the initial messages in the NDC flow ... and everything that comes after.  For TMCs and online travel businesses, we collaborate in the design of an end-to-end implementation program that will ensure you are delivering the right customer experience and leveraging all that NDC has to offer.  With airlines, we partner to design or enhance your NDC strategy and systems infrastructure, so that your offers are always delivering on the optimal differentiation strategy.



Together, we can help the airline industry and the agency distribution channel soar to new heights.




Our founder and CEO, Jeremy Jameson, has contributed to the design of IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC) schema since the original issuance of Resolution 787.  He collaborated in the writing of the original business requirements documents (BRDs) for NDC shopping and order management.

Jeremy began coding his first airline reservations and faring system at the age of 8, in the BASIC programming language.  Now, with 22 years of management experience at two industry-leading airlines, at one of the world's largest Global Distribution Systems (GDS), at a top provider of corporate travel booking technologies, at a major flight metasearch website, and at a pioneer in the area of Big Data analytics of flight offers and consumer demand, he offers deep expertise to our clients. is an LLC registered in the state of Texas.  

Our address is 2911 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 300, Dallas, Texas, 75219